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Okay so I know I said I was back then disappeared  for a bit again, but it wasn't my fault.

I've been rushing around sorting stuff out with uni and then had my 23rd birthday (damn that makes me feel so old, in my mind I'm still 19) then on the day after my birthday (Friday the 13th oooooooooooo!! lol) it was me and my girlfriend's 50th month anniversary, and yes I am so much of a romantic that I like to do that monthly. Now I should mention I've lived in England the majority of my life, but I've never been to London. So, my girlfriend being the sweetheart that she is, decided as a present for my birthday to take me to London and watch my first ever musical (for the record Jersey Boys is fantastic and everyopne should go see it) but little did I know she had something else planned.

Anyway I'll cut to the chase. Outside the Canadian Embassy my girlfriend of 4 years and 2 months asked me to marry her, and I said Yes :D

I'm now engaged to the most beautiful girl to ever exist, and I couldn't be happier.

No dates have been set as we're poor and still need to focus on uni, but things are moving forward and it's an amazing feeling.

Anyway I think you can let me off for being away so long knowing what you do now, can you/? Go ooonnnn! :)

Chat soon guys and gals


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Hello there dear deviants. Those of you I have missed and those of you who may have missed me (best be loads of you!) :D

I've been away for a good half a year or so now, it's been a bumpy ride and it's not yet over.

I started university (for the second time) in September, and once again it wasn't without it's setbacks. I had no house to move into because I found out there was one thing wrong with my form when I was an hour away from the house itself (it was a good three and a half hour drive) That put me on the back foot, and it's been the same since then. I've been playing catch up for over half a year which wasn't helped with illnesses over christmas, and now Im facing failing the year.

All this taken into account I'm still happy :) A friend from back home is moving down to live with me next year, the course I'm on is great (even if I'm hardly ever there) and I'm still in love with a beautiful young lady <3

Well, after that nice big chunk of journal being about me making my self feel important, it's time for me to ask what you guys have been up to. I've obviously missed a lot since I've been gone, so here is what I propose.

Comment (or send me a message if that's better for you) with a link to your favourite piece of work from the last 6-9 months (or a few pieces if you really think I should  see them :) ) a little message letting me know how you are, AND for the MORE ADVENTUROUS OF YOU, how about you do what I do and get a little something off your chest. Just type something you've wanted people to hear or just don't want to hide anymore.

It's going to be great to get to talk to all you guys again (hopefully you aren't all dead, that'd suck :p )


Yesterday my mother had to put down the dog I grew up with. He was 6 and a half years old and had had a heart murmur for at least three years. about 4 days ago Sandy lost his appetite and then later lost the ability to walk. My mother rang me at work saying that she had just taken Sandy to the vets to put him down.

I still don't think it has hit me yet. I keep expecting to see him around the house, doing his normal annoying getting in the way routine that he had down to a "T". I just wish I could have seen him one last time whilst he was alive.

I may be going to see him before he gets cremated yesterday, and I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad about it. We've decided to get him individually cremated as opposed to the mass cremation of dead pets which is the norm. This is so his ashes will be ours to spread whereas the other option means he would be mixed with other dead animals and spread on the veterinary grounds.

I've never had to cope with death up until now. it may sound strange seeing as how I'm 22, but when my Gran died I was about 10, barely knew her and didn't understand it as well as I do now. I burst into tears at a doctors appointment today and must have looked a right douche choking on my own breath trying to explain my soar throat.

I love you Sandy, and I hope you have met up with all your friends, our family and your new girlfriend Pepsi (my girlfriends dog). Have fun up there and make sure you don't forget my face when I end up there.

You will always be in my heart

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I just had to get it out in any way possible.

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Come September i am heading south to NORTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY to study Graphic Design!!!!!!!!

It's weird this is the first time I'm feeling really excited about it. Don't get me wrong I'm over the moon with the news but just writing this is making me want to jump around screaming and punching things :D

So this means as of late September early October you can expect a very steady flow of deviations hitting my profile.

Im so excited it's unreal. I'm really not going to even think about letting this opportunity slip through my fingers again. I'm going to finally prove to everyone that I can do great things, and I will make those close to me proud.

Thank you so much to everyone who has given me any kind words in regards to my uni stress or infact anything in the past short amount of months I've been on dA. Also what could be considered a dead shout out because they will more than likely never see it) goes out to all those selfless caring people in the Help for real life section of the forum for calming me down and getting my head focused.

I can't wait to share this experience and the work I produce during it with all you unbelievably awesome people.

To the future :D

Loves Connar xxx
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This journal entry is to anyone who I promised pieces of work to, you've probably already given up on me and have moved on or deleted me from your devwatch(es) but if you are still there I am sincerely sorry for (obviously) not meating the deadlines you set, this is the first time I have been able to access the internet and this site for months and may well be the last for another 1 or 2. Hopefully after the next little gap I should be back in the driving seat of my profile and will be throwing work on here at a pace that may well give you friction burns on your crotch.

I hope everyone I normaly chat to on their profiles/art work or over at Thumbshare are all doing well. Can't wait to get back here and rejoin the community.

Cross your fingers for me getting some money together to fix this pile of bolts and electric shiz, and cross them harder for me getting into university through clearing which starts on the 19th of this month.

Adios deviants

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Yeah when Wednesday roles around I'm no longer going to be what I still consider to be a teenag
er and I'm technically (only technically) an adult.

I was supposed to do 7 pieces for the last 7 days of being 21, but me being my usual lazy self I didn't. 22 is seriously going to have to be the year tat I pull my finger out and get myself into gear. I know I've sat back for way too long and I need a swift kick up the arse from myself, and I'm planning on doing that :) I'm starting a blog in which I post a sketch every day for at least a year. I'll be posting more about it soon and asking for input and comments when it's up and running.

Anyway back to less serious matters. Tomorrow is my birthday :D and I'm spending it with my beautiful girlfriend, hopefully in a pretty hotel in Southport after having a random fun filled day.

I know it may sound cheeky but if anyone wishes to do a drawing for this special day I will whole heartedly accept it as a beautiful gift that I will repay :) I'm not actually too sure if I'll have a present to unwrap on my actual birthday and a picture or two would be a nice surprise :p

Anywhooo I'm off to listen to some music and play flash games, oh what a wonderful way to spend my time.

Connar (posting for the last time as a spritely 21 year old)
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I tentatively asked the most beautiful girl I have ever seen if she'd like to go out with me, and at about 10:30 pm she said yes.

Since then I have come to realise that I didn't just find a girlfriend. I found my best friend. I found the only girl I ever want to have lay on my chest, the only girl I ever want to watch whilst she sleeps, the only girl whose cheek I want to stroke when she needs comforting. This girl is the female me, even though on the surface we have absolutely nothing in common. She is absolutely perfect for me and I am absolutely perfect for her. I'm head over heels in love with her and I want everyone to know it.

I also want everyone to know I'm sorry for the amount of soppy romancticism in the above paragraph, but meh it's my journal so I can say what I want :P

Lottie I truly do love you and I always ALWAYS will, with Vincey as my witness, you are my soulmate and we are meant to be together. Until the end of time, come what may until our dying day <3

You make me happier than I ever thought possible and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life repaying it ten fold :)


:icondeathhugplz: hehe
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Well if you've added me to your deviantwatch at any time you'll have seen that I truly am stricken with a sever case of chronic lazyness. Something that people think I choose to have, but I HONESTLY wish I could get over it. It's like a writer's block that takes over your whole body and just leaves you ling there finding anything to do excpet something worthwhile.

Sooooooooooooooo, this is the point where I'm going to start turning my life around and actually do something with it. The only thing I have going for me right now is my beautiful girlfriend Lottie (3 years in 12 days :) ) but I need to start giving her reasons to be proud of me.

I have been putting off starting my Andy Arseface comic for a while, because I really want it to look good but I'm not up to a good enough standard yet. So what I'm thinking of is maybe doing a few comics on a zombie spoof subject.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on subjects I could use for any comic, the zombie one in particular, any places that will help me learn how to be a better artist. or just any random ramblings :)

Anyway, you should hope (or not as the case may be) to see more work here soon

Una nos es informis Connar
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I stole this from after filling out a random train of thought memory for her

Here is a fun meme that I saw floating around Da, so I thought I'd try it.

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and I.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your journal and see what your friends come up with.

Lets see how far we can keep our story going!
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Well I guess an introduction would be a good mannered solution to the situation I have found myself in.

SO here goes. Hello and welcome to my deviant art page. Don't worry you wont have to sift through a lot of work as I suffer from chronic and crippling lazyness. My name is Connar and some day I want to make music. Until then I am more than happy to (try and) make art.

I wouldn't say I have any major influences, but what I like at the moment is; the style in which Zach Weiner draws his webcomics (SMBC),
    Certain pop arts (even though I try my hardest to hate it) including, Niagra, Roy Lichtenstein and Patrick Caulfield (but never Andy Warhol)
    And other random bits and bobs.
What I want to do right now is create a series or two of webcomics that I will put up here and on my blog (wont't bore you with a link just yet I'm not here just to flog my own stuff) but anything else that doesn't fall into that genre will be solely on here for the time being.

I'm hoping to draw some inspiration from art I find and make some great friends along the way.

Anyway thank you for reading and I look forward to showing off what I can muster up


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