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Hello there dear deviants. Those of you I have missed and those of you who may have missed me (best be loads of you!) :D

I've been away for a good half a year or so now, it's been a bumpy ride and it's not yet over.

I started university (for the second time) in September, and once again it wasn't without it's setbacks. I had no house to move into because I found out there was one thing wrong with my form when I was an hour away from the house itself (it was a good three and a half hour drive) That put me on the back foot, and it's been the same since then. I've been playing catch up for over half a year which wasn't helped with illnesses over christmas, and now Im facing failing the year.

All this taken into account I'm still happy :) A friend from back home is moving down to live with me next year, the course I'm on is great (even if I'm hardly ever there) and I'm still in love with a beautiful young lady <3

Well, after that nice big chunk of journal being about me making my self feel important, it's time for me to ask what you guys have been up to. I've obviously missed a lot since I've been gone, so here is what I propose.

Comment (or send me a message if that's better for you) with a link to your favourite piece of work from the last 6-9 months (or a few pieces if you really think I should  see them :) ) a little message letting me know how you are, AND for the MORE ADVENTUROUS OF YOU, how about you do what I do and get a little something off your chest. Just type something you've wanted people to hear or just don't want to hide anymore.

It's going to be great to get to talk to all you guys again (hopefully you aren't all dead, that'd suck :p )


GriswaldTerrastone Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
Can doing well on the finals pull you through?

We certainly hope the problems you've mentioned will be COMPLETELY behind you now. Maybe this summer will give you enough of a breather to straighten out anything that's still wrong?

As for me- still stuck in this crummy area, although I'm trying to get at least as far as Cobleskill (only 46 miles away, but it would be a HUGE improvement). Those two dogs of mine would have to come with me, though, so it'll be tricky.

This is something I've been working on quite a bit- art students might find something useful here:


So glad you're back, and Happy Birthday again!
Connarhea Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
I'm hoping I get an extension, I should do as I have a letter from my doctor and it's not just something like the flu.

I'll be worrking hard over summer both on my work and at a job if I ever find one, so I can have a place to stay next year :s fun times aye? lmao

When will you know if you can get away? I didn't know you had dogs, what breed are they?

Thank you very much :) nice to chat to you again
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May 5, 2011


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